Swinging Doors


Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to get some much needed relaxation, and at the same time my wife had told the girls to spend some time outside. So there I was lying on the couch, trying desperately hard to relax and unwind from a hectic week, when the first of a long series of front-door-openings occurred. This seems to be a bad habit of all children in all generations. I remember when I was young, my parents would eventually shout out the words, “In or out!.” Something about this constant in-and-out is very unnerving. After about the 20th time the door opened and closed I had to tell them to stop it…it was causing me a bit of irritation…just as I caused my parents.  Continue reading

About My Mom…


In past posts, I have mentioned things I’ve learned from dad and how his wisdom grows every year I live. I want to take a moment now to tell you some things about my mom…and the hard part is knowing exactly where to start. My mom is a real “character,” as they say…and those of you who know her are very much aware of what I mean. She’s full of life, mischief and laughs. She’s…well…she’s almost indescribable. Continue reading



I hesitate to write this because, invariably, when I speak to others about this subject, they worry. I appreciate the concern, but I want to assure everyone that I’m okay. Having said that, let me just share something that maybe you can connect with. I’m dry. What I mean is that I am having a very hard time hearing from the Lord right now. My wife tells me that every time for a month or so preceding our vacation time, I get like this and I start to voice what one might call “ministerial despair.” To be clear, I’m not speaking of depression…but something different…

Continue reading