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In past posts, I have mentioned things I’ve learned from dad and how his wisdom grows every year I live. I want to take a moment now to tell you some things about my mom…and the hard part is knowing exactly where to start. My mom is a real “character,” as they say…and those of you who know her are very much aware of what I mean. She’s full of life, mischief and laughs. She’s…well…she’s almost indescribable.

One time, she unintentionally sent a “less-than-righteous” email forward to most of the people at our church…and it was positively one of the funniest events in our lives even though she was mortified. There was another time when she roped my sister into an idea she had…which was closing themselves in a small bathroom with our psychotic calico cat and giving her a bath. I watched with mouth agape and eyes wide as this event unfolded. Needless to say, the cat got no further baths.

Honestly, if I wrote here about just half of her shenanigans or goofs or mischief she has gotten herself into I think it would overload the server.

Having said that, let me tell you this: Mom grew up in a very difficult set of circumstances. She had a big family and lots of factors that made their childhood a challenge. Mom has always tried to do the right thing…and while her intentions were good, sometimes she got it wrong…like all the rest of us.

Mom taught me something so very valuable in all of our adventurous lives together. She taught me that no matter what…she loved me. She has gotten so mad at me at times that she wouldn’t speak to me for a short period of time. She has yelled at me, spanked my tail, and grounded me from breathing. But through all of her reactions, I truly always have known that Mom loves me. I adore her. She drives me nuts at times. She always needs me to fix something she has done to her computer. She always thinks there is some viral “bug” that is “going around” that is the reason for any possible symptom someone may be suffering. I never know what she might say or do. But I do know what she will never do. I know that she will never stop loving me. She will rip someone apart for saying something about her “baby boy” (who’s now 39). She will kill over her grandchildren. She has verbally torn me apart for saying something negative about my sister in the past…and I’m sure that goes both ways. And it’s because she loves us.

It’s sometimes very difficult to explain unconditional love when talking about God to someone. Humans only understand love in conditional terms due to the way we treat one another. However, the way my mother loves us has very much helped me in understanding this idea. No matter how much I rebel against God, He loves me. His love isn’t quantitative (measurable), but it is qualitative. Let me say it this way: He loves us because that’s Whom He is. His love for us doesn’t depend on our identities but on His. His love for us doesn’t shift and sway. His devotion to us is absolute. He doesn’t love us “so much.” He loves us absolutely.

My mother is human, and therefore incapable of love in the fullest sense the way God loves. But I think she has gotten as close as one can get to it.


Mom, I love you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for the support you’ve always given me. Thank you for beating my butt. Thank you for telling me, “No.” And thank you for hugging me, kissing me, and being ready to take on a pride of lions to defend me. Thank you for being a great “Nanny.” Thank you for loving me when I didn’t think anyone could. Thank you that no matter what, I know and always have known that you are there for me. Thank you for being you. Thank you for giving us a laugh and making us shake our heads. You’re a little nuts and that’s part of your charm but no matter what you are to anyone else, you’ll always be my MOM.


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4 comments on “About My Mom…

  1. Janet Sawyer says:

    I can’t quit crying—this is the sweetest thing from my favorite—–SON!!! I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!

  2. Elizabeth S says:

    I have tears. But, you just described a lot of moms. No matter what, we will fight to the end for our children & grandchildren. For that matter, any child. I know that since I have become a mother, my love for ANY child is huge. When I see another child being punished I feel so sorry for it, even though I know I have punished mine for the same thing! Oh well, being a mom is a hard job, but the best paying. The hugs & kisses, cuddles & smiles, hand holding and just watdhing them growinto wonderful people is very much worth it!

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