alive…part 2

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in astrophysics, there has been a pursuit for something called the “unified theory.” i don’t know much about this, but just some basics (i’m not an astrophysicist or a scientist of any sort, so please exercise grace with me on this). please stay with me for just a minute and humor me…i have a point…i think. the general point of the theory is to present a hypothesis for how the four major forces work together, the four being electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, and gravity. the pursuit has thus far been elusive because scientists have not been able to observe all the forces in action. they have determined that each of the forces must be carried by a particle and they are trying to determine how all these particles work together, hence a “unified theory.” such a theory may point us in some very interesting directions in the race for discovery. however, they keep running into roadblocks in trying to find the real substance upon which to form this theory…and the most common roadblock as far as i can tell is that they cannot observe the “graviton.” even though it sounds like the name of a transformer, it is the name of the particle that is thought to carry the force of gravity…but it’s never been observed…only its effects have been. without this particular issue the theory would be okay…but the gravity issue throws it a major curve ball, because even though its effects can be seen clearly, the full spectrum of its behavior is far from being understood.

gravity is actually a very strange thing when you consider it for a moment…a force that pulls everything into itself…with the more dense objects having a stronger presence of this force. perhaps there’s something that hasn’t been considered though…perhaps gravity isn’t as much a force as it is a perversion of the forces and the way they interact. its effects, if not kept in check, will cause some catastrophic events…such as a star that collapses in on itself. it is so dense and its gravitational force so strong that not even light particles/waves can escape at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. gravity pulls into itself and is seemingly insatiable for more…never satisfying its appetite.

at this point, if you’re still reading, you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with the previous article and/or even the subject matters germane to this site…so here’s the point…perhaps gravity is nothing more than the perversion of the natural order of God-ordained laws the same way the behavior of humanity is perverted from its God-ordained pattern. there are definitely some parallels…we are self-centered, insatiable in our appetites for more of what pleases us momentarily, unbalanced, and most of all…destructive. oftentimes we are black holes of existence, drawing in more and more unto our self-centered existences until nothing vital can remain in our proximity…but it doesn’t have to be that way…

as paul told the churches in galatia to “walk in the Spirit,” he wasn’t telling them to be religious, or ritualistic, or superstitious…he was telling them to act like whom they were: resurrected humans brought forth from the bonds of spiritual death and delivered over to live after the order of the Creator’s original intent…in short, he told them to live as what they were…alive. he then mentioned some examples of what this would look like on either side of the coin…calling one set the “deeds of the flesh,” and the other the “fruit of the Spirit.” he said that the two things were set against each other…fighting…trying to overpower one another…sort of resembling the old cartoon image with an angel on one shoulder and a little impish demon on the other, both vying for the influence over their subject…

as i look at the two lists in comparison…something of the big picture occurs to me…the “deeds,” are selfish, self-centered, self-involved acts that have devastating effects on those in the proximity of the person practicing them…and they have short-term satisfaction involved, but still leave the person empty, angry, hopeless, or lost. the “fruit,” however are things that have a very productive and positive impact on the world around us…shining the light of hope and having the effect of brightening the darkness with which we are surrounded.

the world is full of misery. i see it every day. i experience it firsthand all the time. i met a homeless guy the other day who was a cripple and he told me that his feet had gotten wet the night before and gotten so cold…and all he wanted to do now was warm them up in the sun. i don’t know why he’s homeless. i just know he is…and i know there many other awful circumstances out there..and if i can get out of my little black hole of existence from time to time and realize that there’s a lot of darkness around me…right inside of my range of effect…perhaps i will stop consuming so much of the world in my path…and maybe…just maybe…i’ll expand the effect of the light…maybe i’ll broaden the borders by giving out…and not by consuming.

the Kingdom of God is about expansion and growth…not about contraction and density…don’t get me wrong…i like some gravity…as we all do…but maybe the amount that we see in between people is more harmful than that of a dying star…because if we’re not careful…in our self-involved consumption of all in our paths…we will miss an opportunity to see wonderful growth that models His design.

to be alive is to give, to love, to shine, to encourage…especially in the midst of the darkest of circumstances…and the darkness shall not overcome it…and that is the way He intended us to be…alive, radiant, vibrant, and generous.


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  1. Jay DePoy says:

    There’s our book.

  2. Bob Moon says:

    Still running in your giftedness, I see! Powerful words portrayed in a way that can be clearly understood. You craft them well.

  3. joseph says:

    ok! it sound.

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