My Smartphone Is The AntiChrist

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go here I know the title is weird…or crazy…or whatever. But just bear with me for a few minutes and you will see what I mean…

The other day I was headed home after a long day…a long two days really. I had put in around 36 hours in a couple days time between two jobs and I was wiped out. I sent my wife a message that I would be home in a bit and that I was beat. My iPhone was running low on battery, but no sooner than I sent that message, it died. It was a very frantic 20 -25 minutes for me…being disconnected. I needed to know if she responded…or if someone posted a response to that Facebook post…or if someone liked my tweet…or if anyone needed to get in touch with me. Even though it was less than a half an hour…I was anxious. I was worried…because I was disconnected from the constant feed of data that has seemingly become like a morphine drip in my soul. I didn’t realize that I was so connected. Some people would even say that I was “addicted,” but if you read my writings much…you know how I have an aversion to that term unless absolutely necessary (see Addict). One thing is for sure…I was putting a lot of faith in my phone for the peace of mind for which I’ve always searched.

I remember when I bought my first iPhone. In looking back, I really believed that my life would be complete if I just had that device. I was an advertiser’s dream subject. People I idolized had them (yes…I struggle with that as well…stop judging me)…and people on TV had them…and they looked really snazzy…so I “needed” one for myself. I took that phone home and I could not put it down. Every chance that I could mess with it or play with it, I was on it.

So…how is this in any way connected with antichrist? Good question. The word, “antichrist” is only found in two books of the Bible and shockingly to most people, neither of them is Revelation. Both books are by the same author. The word is found in the first two letters that the Apostle John wrote. In both of the them, the idea of antichrist is connected with a person or ideology wherein they deny that Jesus is the Son of God. This is of huge importance because the Bible tells us that Jesus is the Way in which we are restored to the Father. It tells us that we are separated from God due to our sin and that, essentially, we fill that void with anything we can in order to numb the pain of that separation. Sometimes that numbing is in the form of substances…and sometimes in the form of abusing others…and sometimes it’s in the form of visual lust that is so readily available with any device connected to the internet. Sometimes that numbing is found in our possessions and our thoughts that those possessions can somehow make us feel whole again. The problem is that we feel incomplete due to the fact that we are separated from our Creator…we are His enemies due to our own will outside of a restored relationship with Him…yet we try to find our way back to Him…to that peace through many different numbing techniques…like social media…or status…or drugs…or devices. When we do this…we are denying something hugely vital…we are denying that God has given us a path back to Him. Any time we fail to rely on the reality of reconciliation with our Creator through the Way, the Truth, and the Life, which He has given us…well…we are engaging in the same logical processes as that of antichrist.

Everyone thinks that antichrist will be some world leader…that he (or she) will usher in an age of world peace and declare themselves to be the embodiment of God or a god. Maybe so. I’m not an expert on this subject. But I have noticed that I have the tendency to put my faith in anything except for the reality of my restoration through Christ. I have a tendency to find a false sense of peace through my possessions or any other temporal idol that this world offers.

Here’s the deal, anything that we rely on to provide for us completion…or fulfillment…or inner peace…well…that is some way in which we are denying that Jesus has provided that restoration…and that is textbook antichrist doctrine.

No, my phone doesn’t have “666” stamped on it…and no it doesn’t tell me to sell my soul. It’s just a phone. That’s the reality I have to remember…and maybe…so do you.

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