I’ve not been active lately, either on the blog or on social media. I was injured moderately on April 7, and have been kind of out of commission with a concussion and post concussion stuff. Please keep my family and I in prayer as I/we recover. Also, look forward to what the future brings. God has led us away from the church leadership positions we were in. Pray for Antioch Baptist Church as well as us during this transition. We’re not really sure what is next, but we know that we are following His lead.

Thank you all for reading my posts and passing them along.

I’m really hoping to expand the readership of my writings, so please share them on social media and forward the emails to those who may benefit. Also, you may have missed something I’ve posted in the past. There are several pages of archives of the writings on the home page: http://stirringsofthesoul.com. Peruse through them during the downtime and see if you’ve missed any. Once again, forward on anything you like or even want someone else’s opinion about.

Thanks again.


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2 comments on “Ouch

  1. Bob says:

    Praying for you Steve, know God is at work!

  2. Brandi says:

    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers during this transition period. Wishing you a speedy healing process. God is leading you to do MORE great things..you have already made such a tremendous impact on many lives and I am extremely proud of you! The thing about you is..when you are called to do something..you give it your all! God will bless you for following Him. I love you guys and wish you well in your new adventures! Looking forward to seeing what is in store!! 🙂

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