The Devil Reminds Me…

I’ve heard preachers, teachers, and evangelists speak about this being for years. Humanity has always had a fascination with him. Who is he? Where did he come from? What is his goal? What is his purpose? Did God create him and if so, why did He do so? What does he spend his time doing? Some of these questions I simply accept Biblical tradition to answer. For example, I do believe he is God’s creation. I believe, as Ezekiel 28 says, that he was the “anointed guardian cherub.” I’m not sure exactly what that even means, and I certainly don’t have the answers to all of our questions about him. But… I think I’ve learned something he does regularly… perhaps what he does most commonly. It may even be his largest ambition in the world today… I guess I mean it’s what I think he is primarily “up to.”When I’ve heard people speak about satan or when I’ve read about him, in nearly every case, he is the one always accusing us. In the book of Job, he is seen going into God’s presence to discuss Job’s righteousness. In the Revelation, he is referred to as the “accuser of the brethren.” We are taught (and likely rightly so) that he spends a lot of time accusing us of our guilt both to God as well as to us… reminding us of all of our failures and faults… recalling to our attention our sin… trying to convince us that we are not genuine in our faith. This can be paralyzing and render us ineffective in our faith journey.


he doesn’t only remind us of what we’ve done wrong…


he has another tact… one I’ve just recently considered. Perhaps you or others have figured this out long before now. If so, then I’ve come late to the party. If not… well, then… let me tell you what I think he does. Not only does he like to recite our list of wrongs and constantly bring it to our memory, but he also likes to remind us of something else in tandem.

You see, I was pondering one day and thinking about some things I was struggling with. Things that weren’t just involuntary faults, but also were intentional actions. We all have them. Every one of us has many things (or at least a few) that we do or don’t do on an intentional level that we know are either acts of rebellion or moments of passivity in relation to what we know we should or should not be doing. In short, we all act in ways that we know we should not, and we do this intentionally at times. So… As I was sitting and thinking about some of these types of things, I suddenly became very aware of how good God has been to me. In that moment, a flood of memories full of grace, mercy, and provision came to my recollection. As this happened, I nearly began to weep. All I could do was sit and feel guilty. I felt awful because of all of the bad things I’ve done and all the good things I’ve received. I’m sure many of you can relate. I began to cry out in my soul… begging God for forgiveness… and I realized something strange… God was silent.

This worried me…

Was God mad at me? Had I crossed some line… some point of no return?

That entire day, I was preoccupied with this concern. I was worried about whether or not God even loved me anymore.

Then it hit me…

What better time for the slimy serpent to remind me of all the good things that God has done for me than in the middle of my consideration of all the bad things I’ve done in life? What better time to mess with my head? What better time to contaminate my consciousness? I came to understand that it wasn’t God reminding me of all the good things… it was the devil. I’ve come to believe something as of late. I believe that the devil reminds us more often of all the good God has done for us than the Spirit of God does… and he does so in order to use it as a weapon to totally incapacitate us. We spend our time worrying about where we stand with God and whether or not He really loves us.

Why didn’t He answer me when I prayed? Why didn’t God respond to me when I begged for forgiveness?

Because God doesn’t want us to dwell on or live in the past. He claimed our guilt as His own and imparted to us His innocence and righteousness (2 Cor 5:21). God is not in the habit of rehashing old and worn out conversations. Once He has told us something, we can accept it. He has no need to continue on repeating Himself. Perhaps, in those moments in which we believe we are communicating with Him regarding our guilt and His goodness, we should stop and consider who we are really speaking to. It is quite possible that we’ve entertained the conversation of a counterfeit and due to this masquerade, we don’t receive an answer to the genuine questions we are asking.

God doesn’t constantly try to make us feel bad by bragging on all He has done for us like a falsely pious and politically motivated benefactor. He cares for us as a perfect and loving Parent and wants for us to accept the truth He’s already given. He loves us. He’s forgiven us. Let’s move on… and be much more wary of who is the one reminding us.


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