Where’s The Baby…

Martin Luther is probably the most well known proponent of the protestant reformation. If you’re not sure what that is, then let me give you the bullet points: Several hundred years ago, the Roman Catholic Church had a monopoly on “truth.” This isn’t an attack on Catholicism. It’s just history. Like anything with that much power, corruption became a serious issue. One of the things they did was sell “indulgences” which were basically written documents that absolved it’s bearer of sin. It was like buying forgiveness or buying one’s way into Heaven. (I know there’s more complexity to all of this… I’m just trying to establish a basic premise.) They would sell these in order to gain monetary power and fund their own plans… say like building a church or the like. Luther became angry at these abuses of power and kick-started a massive uprising against the authority of the church. A lot of our beliefs to this day stem from his teachings. All in all, he was a hero within our history… or was he…?

Later in life, Luther voiced some extreme antisemitism. He said that the Jews should be threatened with death if they taught their doctrines. He advocated persecuting the Jews. All in all, this leaves a nasty stain on his legacy.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was one of the greatest human beings ever born in my opinion. I am no expert on him at all but his work for civil rights and equality was incredible. He abhorred violence and vehemently opposed fighting or rioting. He believed in peaceful demonstration and were it not for him, who knows what the state of race equality would be today…

However, MLK also had some issues… He was known to be a philanderer… cheating on his wife on multiple occasions. He also plagiarized a lot of his doctoral thesis… meaning that he may not have been qualified to be called “doctor.”

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest musical composers of our generation. He was an incredible showman and choreographer. His songs are ubiquitous as well as are his dance moves. HOWEVER, there has always been a “smoking gun” in relation to how he engaged children. It seems like he may have been, at the very least, quite inappropriate with them… and perhaps even molested many.

Why bring all of this up?

Because there is something similar to this going on within our nation right now. We have someone that has contributed a lot to the betterment of our society that has now been convicted of three counts of rape.

I want to be very careful here… because I truly mean no disrespect to anyone that has been affected by sexual assault.

Bill Cosby… He is known as being America’s favorite TV dad. For years, his work instilled morals, responsibility, and really helped us see the importance of family.

He did some really great things for our culture. BUT… he may well have also done some really dark and terrible things on his journey.

We have a tendency to attempt to scrub our minds and media of any trace of him. Networks don’t want to show reruns of his shows… even though they would present the kinds of morals and mindsets our society claims to desire.

I understand that what he did (if he in fact did it… I am not familiar enough with the evidence to make a decision on this), is one of the most destructive things that can be done to someone and I have no intention of defending any such actions. I’m also not advocating that he’s gotten an unfair trial. I have no idea really. What I’m advocating, along with the others I’ve previously mentioned, is that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

All of these people had some serious hypocrisy going on… and so do the rest of us. Perhaps we don’t all harm others with our hypocrisy, but we are all eaten up with it. It would be an absolute shame to discard all of the important and beneficial things we’ve gained from those that turn out to be turds in our eyes.

My family and I are debating the use of the word “turd.” We all agree that it’s a crude, immature, and crass term. But I could not think of a more suitable word to use. If this offends you, then I apologize.

All humans are turds. We all have some really serious and deep-seated issues.


We all usually contribute some great things to society. If hypocrisy and/or offense becomes the standard by which we judge our culture’s content, then we will surely go silent…

Let’s learn from the mistakes of many of those that gave us beneficial content while still appreciating the contributions that have been made.

I am heartbroken over Mr. Cosby. All the way around. I’ve looked up to him for years. If he is guilty of such heinous acts, then he should be punished. But that doesn’t mean that his positive effects on my life are nullified.

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  1. Barry Fisher says:

    amen brother!

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